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Made By Hands, Warmed By Hearts


Somewhere on the other side of the world, a craftsman enchanted by the beauty of his land creates a masterpiece. And this is how the inspiration is born. A force that launches the great circle of life where nature, artisan and his creation are linked. The Circle of Inspiration.


COME IN ON. Heartisania is a unique project that we set up with the view to connect you with local craftsmen living in the most distant corners of the globe. And to fill your life with the pure inspiration of handmade arts and crafts.

MAKE DISCOVERIES. Our team is composed of the art experts and local enthusiasts that get in touch with craftsmen’s guilds all over the world. It is thanks to them that you can purchase amazing masterpieces straight from the hand of their authors. And thus, make your invaluable contribution to the national crafts’ development.

A SPARK OF YOUR INSPIRATION is what the craftsman needs to keep him going. Visit our online shop – and learn how to become a part of the great Circle of Inspiration.

Artfully Yours,

You can reach us via email: wecare@heartisania.com

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