Fouta – Tunisian Heritage

Fouta – Tunisian Heritage
November 10, 2016 Heartisania


Every house you go to in Tunisia, you will find a “Fouta”. It means a lot more than just a towel. And for Hassen, it’s part of him. He is a Fouta maker born in Ksar Hlel, a Tunisian city known for producing the best and finest textiles in the country.

As Tunisians, going to the Hammam is not only about going to a place to take a bath it’s more like a tradition; it’s a cultural meeting space, where communities get information and swap news.  Hassen’s  business provides people with beautiful Foutas to go to Hammam with.

Fouta is an important part of Tunisian heritage, which started with the Ottomans. Fouta master weavers produced the finest “Fouta” for the Beys, the rich, and special designs for the special wedding Hammam. Ksar Hlel artisans have always been the best in the country since back then.


It’s like a duty for me to protect my heritage, my family’s heritage” said Hassen. He was afraid to lose it, especially when none of his brothers wanted to continue doing this job. The 70’s and the 80’s were the good days where textile was an important industry in Tunisia. At that time Hassen decided to work harder and produce new designs to bring the Fouta to new markets, such as small towels, tablecloths or even bed sheets. Nowadays, Fouta based products include bags and some fashion design items.

I am very proud when I see our traditional Fouta in demand outside of Tunisia. I find it wherever I travel now. It feels like it’s a way to share our culture with others”.

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  1. Natalie 1 year ago

    I’m right to assume it is traditionally worn by men and women? Looking for a present for my father…
    Many thanks,

    • Author
      Heartisania 1 year ago

      I think it goes back to the term “cloth” and times when a piece of cloth was used for many different purposes by different people… Try browsing different colours and sizes and you should be able to find the perfect match for your dad too!

  2. Maria 1 year ago

    What’s the difference between various foutas? Which one do you wear, and which one do you use as a throw at home? Thank you!

    • Author
      Heartisania 1 year ago

      there are larger foutas better fit for a throw or a table cover – but choose the looks first!

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