Luxury Silk: Chantouri Silkweavers

Luxury Silk: Chantouri Silkweavers
November 3, 2016 Heartisania


When you go to the Chantouri’s workshop, at Beb M’nara, you will feel how warm the place is, it’s full of emotions. The three brothers are silkweavers; all you hear is the sound of their looms and the voice of one of the Chantouri Brothers singing old Tunisian music.
Once you get there you will be welcome with smiles. “Our client is king”. You sit, you chose, you discover. They offer you a short visit and explain how the textile is made.
The brothers learned the work from their dad who was the “Amine el H’reirya” (The master producer of silk textiles). Actually, all in the family did this job. The family has come to Tunis during the Ottomans and migrated with their silkweaving craft.


Silk is very gorgeous, fancy and royal; says one of the Chantouri

Brothers; it is a luxurious product which persists, whatever the changes are happening around: We are flexible, we make traditional models and modern.”

Chantouri is an artist. He has his own finest way to produce the textiles. He manipulates his loom it like it was a baby with care and tenderness, and also a big smile. He works with love. You can see the hope sparkling in his eyes.

Not anyone can do this job. You have to love it to do it; the love of weaving textiles keeps us going. It’s like raising a baby to grow up into a child and then an adult. You get attached. You give him your best, your time, your knowledge, your care. This is how we do our handicrafts.”

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