Indigo stoles: cotton fables.

Indigo stoles: cotton fables.


Delivered in two-three business days

Done in Rajasthan, indigo dyeing is a well preserved tradition in India. Cotton needs a variety of treatments before it absorbs any dye except indigo. This natural dye produces beautiful effects with no environmental pollution. India is known for this ancient practice of natural dyeing. Dyeing is done by extracting the colour from the vegetable dye, then preparing the fabric to be dyed so it absorbs the dye well. The fabric has to be heated for about 30-45 minutes for the dye to take on a long lasting effect. Indigo cotton stoles are light, no-fuss, and can be worn every day, teamed with a white shirt and blue jeans. These are hand-made, and each stole has variations in colour/tone, because of the sun drying process. Tones vary according to their exposure, resulting in unique pieces – no two pieces are exactly alike. Hand wash only. Size L 177,8cm x W 45,7cm.

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